Senior Student Success

One of the continuing problems for our refugee students are finding pathways to lead them to success after school. While they may graduate from us with a certificate there are no universities in the world that recognise our certificate for entry.

The current director was reading about developing countries and their needs. He found that the people that these countries need are doctors, engineers, teachers and IT workers. Even if our students are resettled in other countries having these skills increases their chance of employment.

As a result the school now offers senior students 3 pathways: university entrance (SAT), teacher preparation (in partnership with PBI) and trade strand (electrical and computing. Our students from grade 8 to 11 freely choose which path they would like to follow. These classes are also taught by qualified volunteers.

This post celebrates the fruits that we are already seeing from these programs that you can see below.


SAT (university preparation strand)

This week our students sat their first full practice test. Students who do well will be supported by the school to undertake a full SAT test at an international school in Cairo this year. We wish them good luck.


Students hard at work taking their first test.


As often happens when special tests are happening there was a sudden increase in student attendance. The room overflowed and students took the desk from the Director’s office.


TRADE strand

Our senior TRADE strand students our coming along in leaps and bounds as they learn open source computing with our great volunteer.

Our volunteer has a vision for our students to be able to take used computers and set them up for educational and business use. In doing so they will be able to support other refugee schools and develop skills in business that will serve them outside the classroom.

For a long time the school has been searching for qualified IT personnel to help us maintain our computers. Just this month this position was filled by students from the TRADE class who are now trainee staff members who maintain our computers. This is something we are very excited about.


Students hard at work under the tutelage of our wonderful volunteer.


This week’s topic: database and mail merge.


Apparently these students have been taught how to send spam. Perhaps we need to get them involved with fundraising!!!


Part of the TRADE team.


TEACH strand

This program is also celebrating success with the school hiring 2 students from the strand as trainee teachers in the Primary School.

There are some great videos that they have created here.



A successful fundraising day

We had a great day raising funds for AHLC earlier this month. We say a ‘big thank you’ to everyone who donated goods, time and finances. We raised enough money to nearly cover a month of expenses.

Our friend Hiro has put together another great background for your computer to celebrate the event. Click the picture below to download.

AHLC Thank you- Fundraising dayHiro also put together this wonderful video for those who missed out joining in all the fun.



In 2018 we celebrate 20 years of providing a place of learning for African refugees in Cairo, EGYPT!