Our Mission & Beliefs


African Hope Learning Centre exists to provide the children of African refugees in Cairo, the opportunity to have access to a quality, holistic and Christian principled education. The education offered will support the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual lives of its learners through a caring school community preparing them to live fulfilling adult lives.


African Hope Learning Centre is a Christian learning centre based on biblical Christian values. We seek to guide students toward the achievement of their potential by offering them the opportunity of a holistic education. We aim to teach them core values of responsibility, integrity, honesty, and personal endeavour. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to become life-long learners and leaders of tomorrow. We want them to value God’s love for themselves and others and to respond lovingly to the needs of their community and peoples of the world.




In 2021 we celebrate 23 years of providing a place of learning for African refugees in Cairo, EGYPT!