Our Community


According to a U.N. refugee agency report, more than 3.5 million refugee children aged 5 to 17 did not attend school last year to the detriment of their future and the future well-being of society. The UNHCR is calling an education crisis for refugee children.
While our work here at AHLC may seem like a drop in a vast ocean of need, it does make a huge difference to the 457 registered students we are serving this year.

The majority of our students have had some education in Arabic or English. Many  of our children were out of school for one to three years for different reasons before they came to AHLC.

Our Primary School runs for students from KG2 through to Grade 4.  School runs from 7:30 am to 12:15 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays.  We have a focus on Basic Literacy and Numeracy and in increasing standards according to the Sudanese curriculum Benchmarks.

Our Secondary School consists of Grades 5-8 meeting from 1:15-6pm Monday – Thursday and Saturdays.


Like our students, most of our staff are refugees from African countries.  Several are looking forward to resettlement in a Western country.  However, many anticipate returning to their homes at some point in the future.

In Primary school we have teaching teams for each grade level, and then in Secondary school we have subject specific teachers. Full-time teachers teach 24-25 lessons per week; part-time teachers a minimum of 16 lessons per week.  All staff members receive a small salary.  We welcome volunteers who are willing and able to join us in doing whatever is necessary; filling in for a teacher who is absent; helping in the library etc. (see the “Join Us” section for more information).

We require all staff members:

  • to be active members of a local church.
  • to be called by God to work at AHLC.
  • to be able to speak and write English.

Working at AHLC is not just a job. Staff members face many challenges as they seek to help these needy children. Many children come from difficult backgrounds, broken homes, and many live in poverty stricken conditions. Only with the help and compassion of our faith are we able to be committed to serve in this ministry.


In 2021 we celebrate 23 years of providing a place of learning for African refugees in Cairo, EGYPT!