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Music Classes

In January, the music theorf940523b-7a26-446d-8ca8-a76ad1436da3y program that is currently being offered was greatly enriched by the donation of two new keyboards! Through this donation and the availability of a music teacher, we have the ideal opportunity to provide a larger impact academically. This sort of extra-curricular activity has the ability to bolster the self-worth of our refugee children through the expression of music.
Our music teacher, Sarah, began volunteering at AHLC in the fall. She says, ” I am incredibly blessed to work here, where the students are eager to learn and incredibly smart! To be able to see music touch the lives of these students is a joy.
As for the choir she has been working with, she adds,                 ” They are incredibly tal0e6c54b3-6710-4daf-af3c-5f1d5f0d5b43ented, putting together pieces of music that they love, adding movement to it, and performing at a high level in front of a large audience! They have already performed twice for the public at celebrations, and will continue to do so this spring!” 


New Computers for our Lab


Thanks to a generous donation from the Austrian Embassy, we have been able to purchase eleven new desktop computers with Microsoft software installed. We were also able to purchase a large TV screen for teaching demonstrations. This is a tremendous blessing because it improves the quality of the education we are able to offer the students and allows us to use more hands-on approaches.