Our School

AHLC is a Christian learning center. We seek to reflect the love of God: a Father to the fatherless, a God of forgiveness and one who heals inner wounds caused by the many years of war and trauma.


The curriculum is McRel American Standards and Benchmarks with a slight change to allow African History and Geography.


We also aim for Holistic education in care for the development of the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives of each child and seek to help the families and care-takers develop as well.  In this we run a “Personal Development” course and parent programs.  We have a counselling team consisting of two full time male counsellors and one full time female counsellor.  They are also assisted by representatives from the teaching staff and one administrator as well as receiving training and mentoring from volunteers.


In the spring of 1998 AHLC came into existence. We presently are running 2 shifts with Primary school in the Mornign and High School in the afternoon.  WE have converted a family villa into a school that has over 600 people through it each day. We have a playground, ideal for the many children that live in small, dark apartments (flats). The rooms in the buildings have been turned into classrooms, offices and libraries. Balconies have been closed to provide more office space or another classroom. Some rooms are crowded with desks, with little walking space in between, but we are happy that it gives space for a maximum of 25 children per class.

Not every family is able to provide their children adequate food needed in order to grow and develop in a healthy way. Many of the children would go hungry throughout the day without the nutritious lunch that we also serve each day.


AHLC provides not only an education and a daily lunch, but health care as well. Once a week the school doctor sees the children that are not feeling well or that are on special treatment for a longer period. When necessary, the doctor takes some students to the hospital for further treatment or for a specialized examination, e.g. students that are suffering from Calcium deficiency or T.B.


In the past years AHLC has done an annual medical check-up on most of the students. These check-ups give a good picture of the general health of our refugee children.


A place of learning for African refugees in Cairo, EGYPT since 1998